Monday, December 12, 2016

The time has come the walrus said

18 months, 9 baptisms, 8 companions, 4 areas.

Those are the numbers, there are more, the number of times I taught
the Restoration, the number of miles I biked, the number of people I
talked to on the street.

But the numbers aren't important. For each of those numbers I see a
face or a place. Krystal, Carlos, Aurelia, Joaquin, Vianne, Lorena,
Yuri, Juanito and Kristian. Hermanas Murdock, Diaz, Austin, Glenn,
Ferguson, Schmutz, Johnson and Zohner. Rimgrove, San Gabriel, Canyon
Branch and Los Altos Branch. And now it has come to an end.

I cannot fully express all of the feelings I currently have. I'm a
little bit nervous, scared, and excited. I don't think the full force
of what is happening has hit me yet. We will spend a few more hours
here at the office and then have a dinner and family home evening at
the mission home. Then those flying home will go to their host
families, and my parents will pick me up. Tomorrow we drive home and
at 6:00 I will be released as a missionary. I don't know where the
time has gone.

There are times that I wish I could catch in a bottle and save
forever. All of the times we had correlation at the Habit, or the
times I ate elote with Hermana Diaz. The temple trips, the baptisms,
and the General Conferences watched. The times I have been brought to
my knees in prayer and the feelings of peace that have come after. I
have come to know my Savior, personally and individually. I have
helped others come to know Him.

This mission is only the beginning. My greater mission is still to
come. There are still people to teach and to bless. There are still
those who need help and strength. There is still more for me to learn.
As president Kimball said, "your mission is preparation, it is your
school for eternity." And it has just begun.

Thank you for all of your love and support. It has meant so much to
me. Hurrah for Zion!

Hermana Anna Christensen
California Arcadia Mission
June 2015 - December 2016