Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Semana 2

Hello out there! I've decided to start out with a quote of the week in my e-mails and this weeks was "Good timber doe not grow with ease. The stronger the wind the stronger the trees." Well there has been some strong winds here this week. Mostly literally but a little bit figuratively as well. It seems like every person in my district has struggled at some point this week. But we are all moving past it and keep looking forward. The biggest help we all received was a devotional on Sunday. It was given by Elder David A Bednar of the Quorum of the Twelve to missionaries at the Provo MTC a few years ago. It helped all of us to remember why we were really here, the reasons why all of us came, and the person who will help us succeed, Jesus Christ. The biggest lesson in it was to put aside the Cookie Monster in all of us (or the natural man) and focus on others around us. 
In other news the language is coming along. It's so fun to just listen to the modge podge of English and Spanish here. The best example was when a teacher came in and asked to borrow an umbrella. When I gave him mine to response was "Muchas thank yous" Spanglish at it's best. Other than that it's pretty much business as usual. We study, have classes, study, eat, study, teach and then study some more until we get to go home go to bed and start again the next day. It's all a part of the adventure I suppose. 
I hope all of you are doing well. I would love to hear more about your lives and what is going on with you. Thank you so much for all of the love and support. 
Hermana Christensen
PS This week's picture is an Hermana Christensen sandwich, which an Hermana Murdock middle.    

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  1. I love that you added her mission pic! It is so good to hear from her - thanks for putting together this blog!