Tuesday, December 1, 2015

¡Estoy muy agradecida!‏

Since this week was Thanksgiving, I figured I would list a few of the things that I was so very grateful for this week.

1. Crunchy leaves; there are a few streets in our area that have the type of trees that drop their leaves. It makes me feel like I'm still living in a place with seasons and that they are changing. Plus I just
love leaves.

2. Single sisters, recent converts, Ward mission leaders old and new, part member families and investigators; these were all the people who decided that the missionaries were starving and needed to be fed on Thanksgiving. Fortunately for us we were only able to make it to 2.5 of the invitations (The last one was to go). It was still super sweet to see the care that these people had for us and that they wanted to include us with their own families during this holiday.

3. Ties; well specifically ties on recent converts. There has been a recent convert we have been working with and we had started to despair of ever getting him to church on time let alone there in a white shirt and tie. But then this week not only was he there before we were, but he was dressed in his Sunday best! It was just a small reminder of the changes for good that people go through as they learn about the gospel and make covenants.

4.  Leftovers; one of the people who we couldn't make it to on Thanksgiving instead invited us over for leftovers on Saturday. She is a super sweet girl named Sabrina who has been investigating the church now for about a year. This dinner was special because we were able to finally set a baptism date with her! We are now just waiting for her to have a baby, and then she can get baptized! We are all so excited!

5. Twenty Questions; because sometimes the sister missionaries get put in charge of primary classes at the last minute and need time killers. Fortunately they all loved the game. I suppose I'm also grateful to my mom for teaching me that trick.

6. New church videos;

7. My dear sweet companion; Face throwing a kissFace throwing a kissVictory hand bc I'm super cool lol #companionsloveandsupporteachother

8. The opportunity to be a missionary right here right now;

Much love and prayers to all of you!

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