Monday, February 22, 2016

New missionaries, small trees and English Bulldogs‏

Yet another week down. Here are a few of the exciting things that happened this week.

With transfers we had a new Elder come to our branch, Elder Hsu (pronounced shoe more or less). He has spent the last 20 months of his mission in Chinese work, and has now been transferred to Spanish work. He is throwing himself into learning the language and always has a smile on his face. An explanation on to how this came about, the California Arcadia mission is now qualified as a bilingual mission, English and Spanish. So here Elder Hsu is.

We also got to go up to the mountains for a service project and water baby trees. It was super fun, I haven't done good honest hard labor in a while, and the view was beautiful. It was a little bit of a nice
mental break, and we got to know the zone a little bit better. And there were two big dogs, who were very sweet.

Speaking of dogs we met one this week that was a little less friendly. We were meeting with one of our investigators and her family's English bulldog slipped through her legs and went straight for Hermana Glenn. Fortunately he wasn't able to latch onto her and she walked away with
just a small scratch, a pretty nice looking bruise and a good story. Still, not a fun thing to watch.

In other news Blanca is still doing well. She is reading the Book of Mormon and praying. She is having a little bit of trouble coming to church but we are trying to help her with that. She is also super
interested in learning more about her family history so an Hermana in the ward is helping her out.

With everything else we are dealing with playing the piano in sacrament meeting (Hermana Glenn and I are switching off week now), investigators not keeping their commitments or flaking on appointments and the general missionary life. We did see a few miracles this week, like actually making and then bypassing our goals, and a few less actives we though would never come to church coming. Basically life is continuing.

Thank you for all you do!

Hermana Anna Christensen

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