Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Short and sweet this week‏

 Chinese exchange students staying with one of the members.

 Softball game with Elena and her family.

Hint hint
I'm running out of time to e-mail, we went and played softball with a less active girl we are working with. It was super fun, but it didn't leave me a lot of time to write.


I got my stitches out on Tuesday!

Elena is progressing super well!

The ward sold pupusas for a fundraiser, which were delicious!

We met some Chinese exchange students staying with one of the members!

We don't have strep throat!

We found some Mormonads, I included my favorite at the bottom.

We delivered gift baskets with some of the young women and we have some budding missionaries there! They did awesome!

I will write more next week! Thank you for everything!

Hermana Christensen

PS, last minute shout out to my brother, he started his mission today!
And shout out to my parents who are now empty nesters!

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