Tuesday, January 26, 2016

When Tuesday becomes P-day‏

Hello all! No I am not breaking the rules by e-mailing on Tuesday
instead of Monday, it's just that our P-day was moved this week
because of interviews with Presidente. So here are the highlights of
this week.

Worldwide mission conference- this week every missionary in the world
received training from the Church Missionary Committee, which is
headed by Elder Dallin H Oaks of the Quorum of the 12 Apostles. It was
incredible. Various members of the committee went over the basic
fundamentals of missionary work. The main focus of the conference was
teaching repentance and baptizing converts. That really is what
missionary work is all about, helping people repent and build their
faith in Christ in order to become converted.

Chincha scare- since about Christmas Hermana Glenn has been getting
these strange insect bites all over her body. She has mostly been
ignoring them, thinking they would go away. Instead however it has
been getting worse. This week we decided we should probably figure out
what it is. Unfortunately the first people we asked happened to be the
elders, who told us chinchas, or in English, bedbugs. It kind of
freaked Hermana Glenn out, who decided that she needed to wash all her
bedding that night, and we also decided we needed some more
professional advice. One of the housing inspectors came and checked
out the pad and the bites and the good news is that it's not bed bugs!
The bad news is we still have no idea what is eating Hermana Glenn

Noche de Juegos- as a missionary activity for this month we held a
game night, which was so much fun! It was also a huge success because
not only investigators, but some less active members came and loved
it! Possibly the highlight of the night was the final game of musical
chairs which was very intense. The last two standing happened to be
Elder Casteñeda and Hermana Glenn. Hermana Glenn won.

Our golden investigator is almost too golden- in missionary speak a
golden investigator is someone who keeps all the commitments, and is
progressing towards baptism almost instantly. We are currently
teaching one by the name of Joaquin. We got thrown for a loop though
when he told us that he and his family had been baptized when he was a
child, and then almost instantly stopped going to church. However a
search in the church records revealed nothing, and so we will continue
teaching him as an investigator, and help him progress towards his
baptism on the 21 of February!

Temple- the definite highlight of this week was getting to visit the
temple grounds and visitor's center with Krystal, who is getting
baptized this Sunday. She is honestly incredible. So many people are
so excited for her baptism, and is was amazing to be on the temple
grounds with her and to hear how excited she was, not only for her
baptism, but what will come after, going through the temple, going on
a mission, and eventually being sealed for time and all eternity.

I hope all of you are doing well. Have a better than average week!

Hermana Anna Christensen

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