Monday, November 28, 2016

Light the world

This was a full week with Thanksgiving, two baptisms in the branch and the new Christmas video!

Thanksgiving: the morning started out with district meeting, and then we went to lunch. It was a huge family meal with a family in the English ward, the Taylors and the zone leaders. It was so fun. We are outside and there was a ton a food. Afterward they had us do some service, mainly hanging up some Christmas lights and other outside
Christmas decorations. It was all worth it. Then we did training and language study and had time to walk out to our dinner appointment with the branch president's family. (The elders had the car). There we had Kentucky fried chicken and tamales with flan and cake for dessert. A very good day.

Then Saturday and Sunday the branch had 2 eight year old baptisms and so we ended up helping out with both. We were okay with it though because I love baptisms, be they for 8 year olds or converts. The one on Saturday was for a cute little girl and the one on Sunday was for the two little boys we have been teaching for the last month or so. There was a little drama with that one. The dad of one of the boys didn't give permission for his son to be baptized, so we spent the whole week praying that he would only to have him call us Saturday night to say no again. Then Sunday morning, as we were making the program for the baptism, Elizabeth, the mom, ran into the office to say that the dad had changed his mind and had given his permission! We all nearly started crying. It was a true miracle.

Also this week it didn't just rain, it poured. Right as we were out walking around. Fortunately we had the car that day, so we didn't get completely soaked. The elders did. We felt bad. But we got two new investigators out of it because people feel bad for us when it's raining.

And finally the new Christmas video! This year the theme is light the world, with 25 days of service leading up to Christmas. Go to to learn more. I'm so excited. One of my favorite parts of Christmas is all of the lights, because they remind me of the greatest light of all, our Savior Jesus Christ. Through Him we can rise above the darkness around us and become more than we ever thought possible. And then we have the opportunity to be smaller lights, to help guide others to him.

Thank you for all of your love and support! Only two more E-mails to go!

Hermana Christensen

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