Monday, March 14, 2016

More meetings than you can shake a stick at‏

                                                             Zone Conference

Hello one and all! Lately the California Arcadia mission has been blessed with on over abundance of meetings. Usually we average about one meeting a week, usually district meeting, with the occasional zonemeeting or zone conference thrown in every month or so. Since the Saturday before last however we have had 3 large meetings with another one this Thursday. This is combined with Stake Conference this Sunday as well. Long story short there has been a lot of sitting, with a lot of spiritual upliftment recently.

Here are some of the highlights:

The meeting that started it all, a mission wide training for the upcoming Gladys Knight fireside to be held in Arcadia. We learned what it was, how to prepare for it, how to invite people to it and how to
follow up with any referrals we receive from this event. It's going to be huge! This meeting was also exciting because I got to see some old friends like Hermana Diaz, Hermana Packard, my MTC friends, the Chinese sisters and of course Hermana Austin.

Zone meeting! One of the best zone meetings I have ever attended, very spiritual and uplifting. It all started out with the introduction of some new mission wide rules. The biggest one is that we now only have an hour and a half to e-mail on P-day as opposed to all day like before. I personally am in favor of it. It will force me to e-mail in a timely manner and leaves more time open for other activities on P-day.

The big meeting, a general mission meeting with Elder Hamula of the 70. It was incredible. If you want to read a talk by him, he spoke in the October 2014 General Conference. His talk is entitled The
Sacrament and the Atonement. It's awesome, and so was this meeting. When it was his time to speak he just left it open for a question and answer session. So many questions that were asked and his answers lead to the Spirit teaching me what I needed to hear. He can also expound upon the scriptures. He was making cross references and connections like crazy. It was amazing. One of my favorite parts was when he explained that we need to grow grace by grace. We all need to change
and improve, and often it needs to be big changes. However we need to start by making small changes so that we don't get discouraged. Grace is what carries us up through here changes until one day we will become more like our Heavenly Father. He also quoted himself from the recent regional conference in that some day every broken thing will be made perfect and whole through the Atonement of Jesus Christ. Every broken bone, every broken dream, every broken family, every broken promise, will someday be fixed, and we will not even remember the pain that we felt through those breaks.

In other non-meeting related news, I reached my nine month mark, Joaquin actually came to the stake conference and we are finding a lot of awesome new people to teach. Basically it has been a great few weeks!

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