Monday, March 28, 2016

It's that time again, last week of the transfer‏

Hello all! Here's a quick summary of this week:

The end of the bedbugs: we ended up having a few early days ant late nights this week, but with the exterminator coming this morning we are now hopefully seeing the end of the bedbugs. We ended up having to clean almost everything again, and most of our stuff is currently on our porch in plastic bags and tubs, but it will all be worth it when we get our house back! During the call in report last night our district leader asked what we have learned from this whole experience and my words of wisdom are, bed bugs bite in lines and in triangles, call the exterminator before you do all the work so you only have to do it once and patient perseverance. Lots of patience.

Investigators: Joaquin came to church! And he even called us to confirm where and when it was at as opposed to us having to call him! He had a great time, and is still really excited to learn more. We also found a few new people, a man named Carlos who I contacted on exchanges, a woman named Annabell who is super open to learning more and speaks English but wants to come to church in Spanish, and a new family. And so the work continues.

Women's Conference! Saturday night was the General Women's session for the upcoming General Conference and it was amazing. The overarching theme was service and love for others. It was discussed how as women, we have been given certain divine attributes that help us to nurture, to love and to serve. An invitation was extended to not only try to serve on a large scale but also one on one, friend to friend, neighbor to neighbor. Often we can feel like we aren't making a difference, but so often what we think is our small act of service is actually changing someone's world.

Easter: I think Easter might now be my favorite holiday, not because of the candy and carrot cake, but because I now better understand what we are truly celebrating. Hermana Glenn and I taught the 10 year olds this week in Primary and it was amazing to hear their pure testimonies of the Savior. Those 5 girls know that the Savior loves them, and that because of Him, all the wrong things in the world would someday be made right.

I also spent a few moments again in the scriptures and in conference talks to better remember the Savior. A few of my favorites included:
-None Were With Him by Jeffery R. Holland, April 2009 General Conference
-Where Justice Love and Mercy Meet by Jeffery R. Holland, April 2015 General Conference
-The Purifying Power of Gethsemane by Bruce R. McConkie, April 1985 General Conference

I am so glad for this mission experience and how it has helped me come to know my Savior more completely. I know that He lived, and that He died. I also know that He rose again and lives on today, and because of this, I and everyone else in this world will someday live again.

Thank you for everything you do for me! Have a great week!

Hermana Christensen

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