Monday, March 21, 2016

Phrases I will never say to my children...‏

                                            On the way home from the Easter activity.

Our dinner from Hermana Nascimiento. There is rice, beans, chicken, zucchini, cauliflower, broccoli and tomatoes on that plate. It was incredible. Yes, that is how much we usually get fed. Usually we get asked if we want seconds as well.

So some of you might remember a few months ago when I mentioned that we had a bed bug scare. Well we had part two this week, which was the reality that we do actually have bed bugs. That lead to Friday being spent almost entirely cleaning out our apartment with the help of the zone leaders. We spent roughly 80 dollars on laundry, vacuumed out everything in our apartment, and got new metal frames for our beds. Unfortunately even after all of that we still have the little critters. So next Monday our apartment is getting fumigated. Until then we have only the bare minimum clothes and bedding, and are keeping everything else in the English sisters car. I have also heard the phrase 'don't let the bedbugs bite' more times than I can count. Hence I will probably never ever use that phrase to my children. I have been scared for life.

In other non bug related news, this week was packed! The weird thing is that the only days we really proselytizing in our area was Tuesday and Wednesday. Thursday was our zone conference followed by a quick dinner with the wonderful Hermana Nacsimiento, and then back over to Glendora for a zone blitz. We were working in the area of the Glendora first sisters and we were tracking. I was with Hermana Cardiel, one of the sister training leaders and I am now so glad that this is not how we usually find out investigators. We had quite a few doors slammed in our faces. But we did also meet quite a few cool people.

On Saturday we were on exchanges and this time both of us went to the sister training leaders area. It was weird because they have the exact same borders as we do, so I was still in my area. It was also strange because we started the day by going to the two ward Easter egg hunt,
then did service, (helping someone move). Finally we got out and working. I was with Hermana Cardiel again and we knocked a few doors then contacted. We met a man named Carlos, who fortunately speaks Spanish and who we will be visiting this week. The best part though was when we were visiting a recent convert. Her mother came in at the very end of the lesson quite drunk. Her first words were about how she has sinned. The recent convert Maribel told her to confess, and she
apparently took that to mean she needed to confess to us. That involved her kneeling down in front of us and then leaning on my lap with her face about 3 inches from mine and began telling Hermana
Cardiel about how she drinks too much and how her daughter thinks she's a bad mama. We told her that it was okay and that God still loves her, all while Hermana Cardiel was cracking up. Then as she was getting up she basically fell right on top of me. Probably one of the strangest experiences of my life. All in a day's work I suppose.

I think the biggest thing I learned from this week is that Heavenly Father always provides. I certainly would never have chosen to have a week like this, but we laughed a lot and grew a lot closer. We learned how to rely more on the Lord and less on our own strength. So even though there were trials, I would not change this week for anything. Now all we have to do is hit it hard this week and keep helping the work of the Lord roll forward.

Now vemos.

Hermana Christensen

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