Monday, June 6, 2016

A taste of summer

The cheesecake Carlos bought me for my birthday. He said that my last name was too long so he just put Christian instead.

Sometimes you have to coordinate/ match with your companion. It makes life fun.

Hello one and all! This week we got a small taste of what the coming months will feel like, though fortunately it should be cooler this week. For all of you out in Tucson, I am so very very sorry. It only
gets worse from here.
I feel like this week was super long and super short all at the same time. Here are a few things that happened
-I lost the keys for the first time in my life. They fell out of my bag when I put it down by a bench for a minute. We had some stress running around San Dimas trying to find them, but thanks to some prayers all was well.
-We had our usual service up in the mountains. The trees are getting bigger and bigger! Soon they'll be taller than me!
-On Saturday we had a Preach My Gospel breakfast with some of the kids who are getting ready to serve missions in the area. We ate a delicious breakfast and then were paired off to study Preach My Gospel with the kids. It was super fun, and so cool to hear their insights. We were working with a girl who will be leaving for Paraguay soon, and she was so cute and excited. It was such a good morning.
-We met a super cool guy named Ander. He just showed up at church in the morning, after receiving a prompting that the church closest to the mountains would be his new home. (Our chapel is right up against the mountains, seriously it's amazing). So he came to church. Afterwards we were talking to him and he said that he felt so good and that everything was going to change for him now. The minor problem is that he didn't show up for our return appointment, but we are going to keep trying, and he knows where the church is now. There is always hope.
That's all for this week I think, stay cool!
Hermana Christensen

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