Monday, June 20, 2016

Not the fire we're looking for‏

Hello one and all! When I began my mission I didn't realize how many references to fires would be made. But here's another one. There's currently a couple wildfires going in the mountains near Azusa. And by near I mean we can see the flames from our apartment. Right now we have been told to stay out of the area, but we might have to go back up to pack before moving until it's under control. We really don't know, as of right now we're waiting to find out.
Another thing I didn't realize was how many times I would be especially homeless on my mission, or at least a little bit displaced. It all really started with bedbugs when we loved out of the car for a week. Then thins last week we ended up in the Covina Elder's pad while they did repairs on our apartment. And now it seems we might be moving again. Oh well.

In other news, we should have a baptism this Sunday! It came as a complete surprise to us, so I'll tell the full story next week. We also had a zone conference, and a ward activity. All good fun. Here are some pictures and have a great week!

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